4 Reasons Why Your Site Needs Twitter’s New DM Button

As website traffic, digital enquiries and customer expectations continue to grow, social networks are busy trying to keep apace with these changing trends and ever-increasing demands. Networks are now regularly develop new features to help brands turn this tsunami of digital interaction into an opportunity for powerful customer service experiences – the latest of these is Twitter’s new DM button.

This new feature allows users to privately message individuals or a company rather than tweet them, and continues the network’s push towards messaging. Early testers include Apple, Uber and Beats, with a “Message” button replacing where “Tweet To” and “Message” used to live side by side. This latest update is about making “messaging” a viable tool for businesses.

With your customers now expecting instant and informed responses to their queries, Twitter’s new direct message button makes it easier for organisations and their customers to communicate. At SocialSignIn we know the importance of continuously developing and improving to meet your customers needs, so we have collated the main reasons why your site needs Twitter’s DM button;

4 Reasons Why Your Site Needs Twitter’s New DM Button

Faster Responses & Quicker Resolutions

In order to meet your rising customer service expectations, it’s essential to streamline how they can pass their feedback and questions on to you. Featuring Twitter’s Direct Message button on your website can make this process slick and memorable, and channel-shift them from email or phone. It’s important that you have the tools in place to manage your incoming communications quickly as 42% of people expect a response within 60 minutes.

Improved Relationships

By providing your customers with a direct route to your Twitter inbox, unhappy customers will now be encouraged to complain in private – removing the risk of them portraying your brand negatively and tarnishing your sparkling reputation in front of your followers. By removing the need for them to actively search for your brand on Twitter and directing them straight from your website to your direct messages, you are simplifying the route for your customers and making it easier for them to communicate, creating stronger, longer relationships.

Reduced Overheads

By implementing the new direct message button on your website, you are welcoming your customers to use Twitter as a method of contacting you – this can help your brand to shift your customer service from expensive traditional methods to a cheaper, quicker outlet. As shown in a recent study, responding to messages through social media can save your brand between £3.30 and £12.00 on every contact and transaction switched to online – looking at the big picture that is potentially thousands of pounds. Social customer service is rapidly growing in popularity due to it being a time-saving and simple method of contact between brands and consumers.

Keeping Digital Human

When driving your customers to contact you through social channels it is important your remain as “human” as possible. Keeping your interactions personal and treating every customer as an individual will help you to create meaningful relationships. As the communications are taking place in a direct message, you can resolve issues quicker by requesting information that you, or your customer, may not feel comfortable sharing in a public feed. This means that you can approach the situation more directly and resolve the issues more quickly, whilst remaining personal and giving tailored responses.

With Twitter now providing the ability for you and your followers to harness the benefits of instant messaging, it’s important that you encourage your customers to contact you through Twitter. So make sure that you have the tools in capitalise on this customer experience opportunity, if you would like to see how we can help you to launch your social customer service to a new level, book a demo today.

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