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Bromford Success Story

Bromford, the industry leading social business, needed to keep ahead of the evolving needs of their customers. Making the transition from providing simple customer service via social media to making the best use of digital to build strong two-way relationships, Bromford hope to support their customers to be the best they can be while also achieving outstanding customer advocacy.

Increase in Link Clicks


Greater Social Reach


Growth in Followers

The Inspiration for Change

Historically, the communication team at Bromford had been using social media to broadcast ad hoc communications. However during the UK riots of 2011 social media really demonstrated how, when used correctly, it could provide an engaging platform to communicate with customers and quickly answer incoming queries about the worrying developments. In order to really harness the power of social media, the communication team realised they needed to share the value, granting access to teams such as customer service directly, ensuring that residents received fast and more informed responses.

Bromford social media
Decentralise whilst remaining Scalable

When they started to consider embedding social firmly into their customer service practices and across multiple teams, some of Bromford’s key considerations included maintaining clear audit trails and compliance across multiple accounts. Ultimately, they needed a solution that could deliver high volume customer service, in a managed way, while still maintaining a personal approach.

Jarrod Williams, Communications Manager at Bromford said, “When we were looking at social media management platforms, we initially struggled to find one that suited our precise needs. We needed an inbox that would streamline our approach to social customer service and join up our teams. While we had used other platforms previously, we often found they were behind digital trends and didn’t give us that ‘something else’. With SocialSignIn, we knew we had found a true partner who was responsive to our needs and the changing face of social media. Working with the SocialSignIn team, we can continue to streamline and embed social into customer services, and across the wider business.”

From Transactional to Emotional

From a communications perspective Bromford now know which content really resonates with their audience, as well as the optimum time to post for maximum engagement. With SocialSignIn’s built-in social CRM, Bromford can see detailed social profiles of their audience, with a complete log of past interactions, enabling them to respond to incoming messages in a more personal manner. Their teams also have the ability to add internal notes and tags to allow other users to see the progress of a query, record important details or detect multiple messages relating to the same issue. With all of this functionality available, Bromford has been able to move away from transactional customer service, to providing value and having human conversations.

Bromford social media
Bromford social media
Content to “Live their Life”

Bromford has now built an engaged and active social community, providing valuable content which helps inspire customers “to be the best they can be” – while SocialSighIn helps them remain protected from a potential social crisis. With SocialSignIn each user has their own account and one that encompasses a fully-visible audit trail, approval processes and comprehensive user and team permissions. Jarrod said “SocialSignIn has helped us start bringing our social customer service vision to life. We have bold plans for the future and believe that we have found a platform that will keep up with our rate of change and that of our audience. We are no longer just “managing” our social activity, but building deep and meaningful relationships with our customers.”

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