Public Relations

Complete Media Intelligence

Filter out the noise and monitor the most important print, online and social content. Manage your brand perception, your competitors and turn media coverage into actionable insight from millions of sources.


Find new audiences, collaborate with influencers and manage key online conversations. Proactively reach out and offer advice and resources when your customers need you most.

Deep Audience Insights

Measure the reach and PR value of the coverage you generate, the sentiment around your brand and the demographic and geographic breakdown of the audiences that are talking about you.


Quickly build a bespoke dashboard that shows only the key metrics for you. Be the first to act on breaking news and changing trends about specific areas of interest. Operate at the speed of social and listen to each of your customers at scale.

Mobile PR Management

Stay close to the people and conversations that matter and never miss a thing while you’re on-the-go. Manage your brand, reputation and drive new levels of engagement.


The latest technology encourages integration of PR, customer service and marketing departments, ensuring everyone is on the same page and that a consistent response is delivered on any issue.

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