Customer Care

Standardise social customer service across multiple departments in a scalable and ROI-positive operation

SocialSignIn gives you the tools to implement social customer service across your enterprise, from within a platform that is tailored for customer care professionals. All your direct social messages to your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Youtube accounts can be found in SocialSignIn’s unified inbox. Organisations such as Centro, C2C Rail & National Express, find our innovative platform essential for managing and maintaining positive relationships with their customers.

social customer service
social customer service

Making it easier for you to effortlessly manage your social messages

Gather and push real time editorial, blog or media content direct into your inbox from over 250 million sources worldwide, based upon sentiment, keywords, influence score or date. Combine this with our user friendly team and individual assignment features, you have the perfect system for multiple users to manage incoming messages from all of your accounts in one place on a large scale.

How effective is your social customer service

Our engagement reports help organisations to measure key metrics such as response times to monitor their teams’ performance and identify actionable ways to improve. Helping you to be confident that your customer care team will continuously improve and impress.

social customer service
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