All the features you need to stay protected and on brand

When faced with strict international regulations companies like The FCA turn to SocialSignIn to minimise the risks that can typically occur when scaling social media within an organisation. With customisable permissions, content approval, a comprehensive audit trail, 2FA and the ability to make easy adjustments for incoming and outgoing employees, SocialSignIn ensures that organisations can be fear-free and comply with their polices.

social media training
social media compliance

Manage social crisis

Detect mentions of your organisation in over 250 million current news items, social media posts and print articles. Carefully monitor the public’s perception of your brand and counteract any negative press as soon as it happens. If a crisis does happen you have total control with our ‘Lockdown’ button. This button stops all access to SocialSignIn and pauses all scheduled outbound activity, giving you the chance to plan a new strategy. Alter your content calendar by rescheduling, deleting or modifying posts easily.

A variety of security procedures

You can be confident that only your team can access your social accounts providing protection from unauthorised posts. With approval processes, 2-factor authentication, IP address restriction and a whole host of other security features, you will get peace of mind.

social media compliance
social media compliance

Protect your brand

You can set various permissions to ensure new team members cannot post without them being validated and that individual teams can only access accounts relevant to them. Inbound interactions can be monitored for negative sentiments or words, meaning that you can feel confident that your account is not being abused and ensure the brand is protected.

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