Customers, gotta catch them all: Social Media and Pokemon Go

With more downloads than Tinder and more daily users than Twitter, it’s clear to see that augmented reality is the future. Pokemon Go is quickly becoming the big thing of 2016. So it’s no great surprise that businesses are already looking for ways to get involved and monetise the potential marketing opportunities that Pokemon Go could offer them.

Some lucky locations that have been selected as PokeStop or Pokemon Gyms are already seeing a massive increase in foot traffic, such as L’inizio’s Pizza Bar in Queens, who has reported a 30% increase in sales over a single weekend due to Pokemon masters grabbing a slice whilst hunting Pokemon.

With the media has been buzzing with funny stories, memes, articles and chitchat surrounding Pokemon Go, companies are jumping onto social media to tap into the new craze. Discover our top tips on how to get the pokeball rolling on your Pokemon Go social marketing campaigns.

Lure them in

If you are lucky enough to have been selected as a PokeStop or nearby a Pokemon Gym, then you have probably already noticed an increase in foot traffic. To capitalise on this, firstly you need to make sure that your customers know that they are welcome to hunt for pokemon on your premise. If you need to add extra incentives it’s worth looking into purchasing some Lure Modules. They are very affordable and effective – having Lure Modules running for 12 hours a day for 7 days costs around $1.19 per hour. Businesses are already jumping onto this idea and reaping the benefits, such as Tanghui, an Asian Restaurant in Australia, who are using Lure Modules to drive additional customers through their door. Be sure to promote the details of the time and dates that you are activating your modules on social media to create as much awareness as possible.

Set up themed offers

Offers have always been a surefire way to increase sales, and if you rely on foot traffic to sell your goods, Pokemon Go could offer you the perfect opportunity to drive people through your door. By offering a discount or a prize to anyone who catches a rare Pokemon in or around your store you can motivate people to come visit you, whilst drawing attention to the fact that you have good Pokemon nearby. If you are located near to a Pokemon gym you could run a daily leaderboard and offer the team in control a discount. Be sure to promote your offers on social media and make sure that you are using the best hashtags to increase exposure; such as #PokemonGo and #Pokemon.

Promote your local Pokemon

If your business isn’t near a Pokemon gym or a Poke Center, you may be feeling a little hard done by, but don’t worry there are still lots of ways for you to get involved. By highlighting the local Pokemon that are coming to your establishment, you could use this as an incentive to drive customers to drop in. Asking your followers to share pictures of their best in-store captures or sharing your own on social media is be a great way to do this. Using social media monitoring you can also detect local posts discussing Pokemon and engage with new potential customers whilst also find content for you to share.

Throw an event

Why not throw a themed Pokemon night at your nightclub or cafe? Maybe even offer a free shot of vodka or a hot chocolate to anyone wearing a Pokemon costume. Inspiring teenagers to attend open days can be hard but by offering them a chance to capture new pokemon whilst learning about your courses can make it simple and fun way to get them through the door. With the media storm Pokemon Go has created it’s a brilliant opportunity to cash in on the trend, improve customer relationships and increase brand awareness.  

Whether you are planning Pokemon themed events, discounts or social content it’s a great time to get involved. So far Pokemon Go has an extremely high app retention rate so finding your place in your Pokemon-loving followers hearts could be a cute move for your organisation’s future social success.

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