Ecotricity Success Story

Britain’s leading green energy supplier, the Ecotricity group, manage a diverse portfolio of brands. Maintaining and maximising their online presence across 20 different social channels, all with separate identities was proving challenging. They needed to find a more efficient method to securely manage and grow their social marketing and customer service.

increase in social sales in 12 months


increase in website traffic in 12 months


incoming messages a year on average

Needed to streamline

When the Ecotricity Group evaluated their social strategy, they realised that their approach wasn’t streamlined and consistent – preventing them from fully-leveraging their social channels. The Ecotricity Group’s main goal was to manage multiple social identities from within one central hub, ensuring that all activity was recorded and available for fast analysis. They also wanted to decentralise their approach to encompass wider departments. They realised that in order to build their social presence, improve ROI and provide their customers with high-quality social customer service, they needed a well-rounded social media management tool. A tool that minimised the risk of missed inbound messages, while also simplifying the process of scheduling and analysing marketing campaigns.

The ability to redirect

One of the key problems that the Ecotricity Group faced was inbound messages being sent to the wrong social channels on a daily basis. Customers were contacting “@Ecotricity” to ask queries concerning their electric car charging brand, “@ElecHighway”. This was due to them both being part of the Ecotricity group and ‘Ecotricity’ being mentioned at charging stations. With Ecotricity and Electric Highway being two very distinct divisions of the group, only the Electric Highway team could respond in an informative way. So, to remove this problem they wanted to find a social solution that had the ability to forward messages internally and externally, allowing them to direct incoming queries to the right person, instantly.

Effective social customer care

When the Ecotricity Group discovered SocialSignIn, they immediately saw the platform’s ability to have individual workflows in place was highly-relevant to them. Paul Sergeant, the Online Community Manager at Ecotricity, said, “SocialSignIn provides all the tools we need to decentralise our accounts and grant specialist teams access, while still remaining protected from any potential social crisis. This meant that we could give our customers direct access to the right people through social channels, decreasing the time it took for them to receive an informed response. The demands and expectations of our customers are constantly growing, thankfully social media platforms such as SocialSignIn’s are matching this rate of change – with the platform constantly developing to meet shifting trends.”

Year one ROI

Since partnering with SocialSignIn, The Ecotricity Group has been able to dramatically reduce their response time to incoming messages, providing constantly improving levels of customer service in a highly-competitive market. They have grown their social community by over 52,000 in less than 12 months and leveraged this to produce 33% more web traffic and an 84% uplift in socially-driven sales. Paul said, “We can now publicly resolve issues quicker and more effectively, reflecting our brand values and highlighting our dedication to providing exceptional customer experiences. With SocialSignIn’s assistance we have been able to build an active, engaged and loyal following, which is reflected in our fantastic customer satisfaction ratings.”


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