Four team building activities to energise your start-up culture

Teamwork is essential for any of organisation, however, it’s definitely the blood that runs through all successful start-ups veins. It’s mission critical that employees from every organisation regularly take a step back, let off steam, have fun and build trust with one another. Research has shown that team building exercises not only improve communication and motivation amongst workers, but it also helps create a more cohesive and productive work environment.

Embedding regular team building exercises into your organisation will trigger a massive increase in productivity. Your team will start flowing and feeding off each other. The added benefit of your newly-strengthened and unified team is that stronger, tighter teams are harder to break up; something which is incredibly important given todays competitive job market. As a leader within your organisation, you will simply need to step out of the way and let them run on their own.

You will also have more loyal members of the team, something some leaders fail to appreciate. Given that the average tenure of a millennial is just 2.6 years, building that loyalty is key to giving them a reason to stay longer – and giving your business stability. Lastly, team building exercises will improve the overall culture of your business, which will help attract future talent and also give you a clear edge amongst organisations that fail to focus on people first.

Now, here are four refreshing team building activities to energise your superstars, keep them together and keep the workplace culture positive and energetic.

Climb a mountain together

team building activities

Often in a start-up environment we need to envisage ourselves climbing metaphorical mountains. It is a long way up-to the top and we have to remain focused and passionate, taking one step at a time towards the summit. So what better way to bring your team together than actually climb a real mountain together? Team building in the great outdoors has clear, specific and measurable outcomes. For example, if there is a river or a stream to cross, a rock wall to be climbed or a raft to be built, there is a visual and specific measurement of success or failure. At SocialSignIn we have recently climbed mountains in Wales, maintaining morale and encouraging employee advocacy.

Tug of war

team building activities

C’mon, we all know this one. Tug of war is a classic and still one of the most popular team building activities. Your organisation is split into two teams with each team taking one end of the rope. The teams have to pull on the rope to bring the opposite team towards them. Whichever side succeeds in doing so win the exercise! It’s playful fun and easy to organise with little expense to your company.

Three truths and a lie


Most of us – if not all – have played the truth and lie game at some point in our lives. So here is a great team building version of that classic childhood game with a twist! Everyone writes their name, along with four pieces of information about themselves on a large sheet of paper. For example, ‘Rhiannon loves cheese, loves cats, has never left the UK and loves musicals’.  Individuals will then need to circulate with their sheets of paper and form pairs to try and guess which are indeed true facts and which are lies.

Do a variation on a Hackathon  


Hackathons are typically events that last several days in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming. It’s a great concept and a lot of innovation happens at Hackathons. While you could argue that it should be happening anyways, having a dedicated time where you are able to be innovative can be a great psychological trigger. With some tweaking, a Hackathon can be an incredible team building exercise for non-tech departments. You might for example split your Marketing, Customer Service and Sales teams up into separate teams and set them an ‘Apprentice’ style challenge of coming up with a product or service which they need to later present to the leadership team.

We would love to hear what types of team building exercises you run, or have taken part in, that really stood out and brought your teams closer together. Let us know by tweeting us.

About the Writer:copy-of-darren-fiander

Darren Fiander, the Commercial Director of SocialSignIn, joined the family in 2013 after being the Regional Sales & Marketing Manager for a leading hospitality company’s chain of bars and comedy venues. He is passionate about helping our clients achieve social success and making social media more human. When out of the office he spends his time with his young daughter, Robyn, and enjoys all things sci-fi, from Star Trek to Dr Who.

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