Haven Holidays first adopted social media six years ago as a way to build brand awareness and engage with current and potential guests. Now, in a fiercely competitive market in the UK and abroad, and with evolving customer trends, Haven has implemented new goals, tools and strategies to elevate their online presence and create award-winning customer experiences.

Increase in Facebook Reach


Increase in Facebook Comments


Increase in Facebook Shares

Challenging Perceptions

After analysing current public perceptions about their offering, Haven set about using social media to challenge the misconceptions around caravan park holidays, with the goal of gaining new audiences and opening up new experiences to loyal guests. Liam Andrews, Social Media Content Executive joined Haven three years ago and says; “It was essential that we clearly communicate to our guests that there are many fantastic things to do on-site with us, but that they’re also not restricted to staying in the park, that our locations offer many exciting things to see and do too. We have stunning locations all around the UK coast and we need to celebrate that.”


By promoting their in-house activities alongside the attractions offered by the areas surrounding their locations on social media, via blogs, image and video content, Haven have been able to successfully position themselves as a truly customer-centric organisation.


Forming strategic partnerships has also helped Haven to evolve the perception of their brand. For example, in 2018 Haven announced their charity partner for the next three years as the RNLI. By carefully selecting a partner with similar values synonymous with seaside enjoyment, Haven reinforces the positive branding they are trying to establish in their guest’s minds. By introducing Coastal Explorer, a new, free activity around coastal safety in all 36 holiday parks, Haven also align themselves with the charity sector and the good will that the industry engenders.

Encouraging user generated content with the hashtag #MyHavenDays to be shared,  has also helped to create a real authenticity to the experience across their social media channels, helping to drive engagement, followers and ultimately real world outcomes, from current and prospective customers.


Striking a chord with many customers, Haven have also launched the Director of Walkies – a campaign starring spaniels Severus and Lily, who will be guiding current and potential customers on the dog-friendly activities to do across the parks and surrounding areas. By providing not only helpful but also humorous information, Haven’s brand is again reinforced as human, personable and welcoming.


In 2018, Haven have also introduced a brand new tone of voice on social media, where they look to engage potential guests in conversations; moving away from ‘we hope you have a great holiday’ to actually asking them what they’re planning on doing and giving them advice so they have a true community feel.

Implementing a ‘Community, Not Sales’ Strategy

Focussing on tone of voice, Haven have always wanted to stay away from direct sales activities on social media and instead promoting meaningful conversations with current and potential guests in a less corporate way. Haven want current and potential customers to use their social channels as a platform to learn about great holiday experiences and to chat in an informal way.  Liam says; “We’ve never wanted to been seen as ‘salesy’ on social but rather create fun communities that our customers can get involved with. If we can show people the amazing memories they can create, we don’t need to be sales heavy.”


To achieve this, Haven invested more in short, eye-catching and interactive content, including competitions, such as the #MyHavenDays hashtag and rich image and video content, showcasing the very best across their 36 parks.

Continuing Performance Excellence

In 2017, Haven began their search to find a social media management solution to help continue excellence performance across their growing channels. Liam says; “We needed to save time to create even better content to share and SocialSignIn offered us the chance to visualise a content calendar, making scheduling more straightforward and visible in one platform. One of the most important changes for us was being able to schedule video and GIF content which previous platforms hadn’t allowed. Tracking interactions with our customers, such as with hashtag competitions, is also very important to our new strategy, which SocialSignIn’s analytics allows us to do.”

Seeing Results

2017 saw Haven have the company’s best year on social ever as they reached almost 19 million people with their Facebook posts, over 6.5 million more than 2016. Facebook reactions were up 34%, comments up 214% and shares up 41%.


This trend has incredibly continued into 2018 with reach up 31%, reactions up 91%, comments up 30% and shares up 93%*.


* as of 30th April 2018

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