How businesses can use trending hashtags like #HousingDay

With the average person active on social media for an hour and 29 minutes a day, it’s proving to be the perfect place to reach and influence on a large scale, and many Comms Managers may be wondering how businesses can use trending hashtags like #HousingDay to engage, inform and inspire.

On the 19th of September, Housing Associations, Landlords and #ProudTenants from across the UK will be flooding to Twitter to celebrate the positive impact that social housing has had and highlight the communities that have been built as a result of them. Last year they saw some fantastic results – with up to 3,000 tweets an hour, countless real stories and a reach of around seven million people. #HousingDay even peaked to number two top trend. This year the hashtag kickstarts Housing Week, which has been hosted by the National Housing Association, giving Housing Associations the perfect opportunity to join in to engage, inform and also monitor what their residents are saying about them.

As we have a variety of housing associations using our platform including Bromford Housing, Futures Housing Group, Origin Housing and many more, we have created some tips to spreading awareness and generating more engagement on #HousingDay.

Get Monitoring

There were over 30,000 #HousingDay tweets in 2015 and this year there will probably be even more. With so many people planning to get involved with the hashtag it’s possible that your residents, or even potentially your staff, may mention your brand. It’s important that you have a way to monitor brand mentions to ensure that you have complete view on how the public perceives your brand, and it will also give you a chance to respond to feedback. Your residents may not include your Twitter handle or they could misspell your organisation’s name, but by setting up a social media monitoring stream highlighting keywords, such as your brand name, key phrases like “Housing Estate” or even using geographical settings, you can ensure that you don’t miss a mention.

How businesses can use trending hashtags like #HousingDayPrep your contacts

You are probably hoping that during the #HousingDay excitement your brand will be mentioned repeatedly in a positive manner by residents, staff and landlords, and that your content will receive strong engagement. Stop hoping and make it happen – it’s essential to make your contacts aware and ask them to join in. A quick email asking for them to take a moment out of their busy day to share their experiences whilst using #HousingDay and tagging in your Twitter handle is all it takes. Inspire them to share their stories.

Organise in advance

As previously mentioned #HousingDay is on the 19th of September and if you haven’t already started scheduling your content it’s worth starting now. On #HousingDay you want to be able to concentrate your attention on being fast on your feet and engaging with people and conversations – not wasting your valuable time sharing posts that could have been pre-created and scheduled. Plan compelling and relevant content and schedule your activity using a social media management platform and your content will go out automatically.

Be reactive

When your staff, residents and landlords are all happily tweeting about how amazing your Housing Association is, it’s a perfect opportunity for you to re-purpose their tweets and show your followers the positive feedback. Reacting to positive posts by liking, sharing or commenting not only shows how grateful you are for their positive feedback, but also shows that you are listening to them and responding to mentions on Twitter. It’s important to keep your eyes open for any negative feedback too. Last thing you want is a disgruntled tenant dragging your brand through the mud whilst riding a popular hashtag – if this does happen address the issue politely and professionally, do not try and drive it underground – be human.


Use images and videos

As popular trends like #HousingDay are so fast paced, you will have less time to grasp people’s attention so it’s even more important to provide something visually appealing. Schedule plenty of imagery to work inline with your success stories and keep it fresh, different and interesting. Images and video content receive much better engagement and as popular hashtags move so quickly it’s essential to keep it eye catching.

Be playful

People connect with other people, so be more human – too many organisations stay strictly business. It’s appealing for brands to have a personality and not take themselves too seriously. Use GIF’s, share memes and make sure that you are having two-way conversations where possible. This years #HousingDay follows the theme of connecting communities – building relationships whilst highlighting the good work done by Housing Associations so use this opportunity to strengthen your own social community.

When jumping on prearranged hashtags like #HousingDay it’s important to make sure that you have the tools in place to monitor results and ensure that no valuable content or feedback is missed. Discover how we can help you engage, inform and inspire on social media with a free demo.


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