How Entertainment brands can maximise their social media christmas campaigns

Whether you manage a restaurant, nightclub or a bar, you are sure to be looking for ways to make your social media christmas campaigns go with a bang. Social Media may hold the key to generating more foot traffic, increasing pre-bookings and spreading brand awareness.

Social media marketing is the most effective channel for engaging in two-way conversations with your audience, being leveraged by venues of all shapes and sizes throughout 2016. It enables the Entertainment sector to create and initiate relationships on a personal basis, saving money previously sunk into less targeted forms of marketing and provide a simple digital customer service.

Here are our top tips for promoting your Christmas campaigns and events, driving brand awareness and encouraging pre-bookings through social media.

Reach out and join conversations

Social media is a brilliant platform to build new relationships and reinforce the ones you already have. Brands and venues can proactively listen and join conversations that may provide an opening to promote their events. By socially listening to monitor conversations on social media using hashtags, keywords and location settings, brands can easily identify people who may be interested in attending their venue. Monitoring keywords can enable you to find people who are interested in your events and offers before they even know of your brand. Do be careful though, enter the conversations by adding value or entertaining…you don’t want to appear creepy.

How Entertainment brands can maximise their social sales this festive period

Engage your audience in real-time

Video is the most popular form of content on social media – by 2017 it’s predicted that video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic! Sharing videos from past events can be an effective way to boost interest and drive additional ticket sales. Video has the power to show followers the human side of your brand. Sharing real-time images of clubbers or diners will create buzz, excitement and energy around your events, as well as giving them a VIP feeling. Real-time streaming has been steadily increasing in popularity. Facebook Live, Snapchat and Periscope have now become a major part of many brand’s marketing plans.


Provide a mix of information and unique offers

By inviting customers to take advantage of exclusive offers on social media, brands can add an incentive for people to follow them and also create an air of exclusivity which encourages pre-bookings. However it’s important not to just promote offers on social media – in order to increase and maintain a social following its essential to provide a mixture of content. Sharing and actually “talking” to customers on social media is important – so get commenting and replying like a real person.


Be localised

Club and restaurant managers know their local customers better than their head office ever could. Decentralising social media is essential to enabling venues to engage on a more intimate and personal level, which is the key to building long-lasting loyal relationships. During the festive period localised engagement can make a huge difference to generating business and delivering powerful customer experiences, an effective way to stand out from other local competition. So “listen” to the news, trends and language from your local area and incorporate these into your campaigns, this is a proven way to generate maximum engagement.


Social media is a highly-effective channel for all Entertainment brands to build excitement around upcoming events, nurture better relationships with customers and turn their social followers into foot traffic. When used strategically social media holds the potential to massively increase sales, if you’d like to discover how our client the Deltic Group grew sales by 282% in twelve months purely through social media – click here.

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Tom Bradley is a Business Development Manager at SocialSignIn, he specialises in providing social media advice and solutions to common industry pain points within the hospitality, sports and travel sectors. He is passionate about giving companies the best platform and knowledge to achieve their social goals. Tom enjoys going to live music events and festivals, travelling the world, and immersing himself in his passions for film and sports.

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