How Iceland Foods froze out the Competition with their Euro’s Social Media Campaign

UK-based frozen food retailer, Iceland Foods, amused the nation and stole the social limelight after hitting the back of the net with their spontaneous Euro’s-focused social activity. Andy Thompson, Iceland Food’s Social Media Manager, was been the brains behind the campaign.

After the Iceland football team unexpectedly qualified for the Euro’s, Andy and his social team noticed that they were receiving Twitter mentions that were meant for the football team. Andy said, “People started tweeting us when Iceland played Holland, so I rang Nick (Canning, Iceland’s joint MD) and said there was something going on.” They realised that they had the opportunity to get involved and contacted the Iceland Football Federation, quickly agreeing a sponsorship package.

Iceland Social Media

Iceland Food’s Social Media Manager Andy Thompson with some of the Iceland players

Andy Thomson said, “We only have 2-3% of the supermarket market, and during major championships all our competitors spend crazy amounts on paid advertising. We thought – we’ll never outspend them, but we can out-engage them?” Iceland Foods quickly seized the opportunity, developing a fun and quirky campaign. Their campaign was a huge success and they received more coverage than some of the high paying sponsors!

Iceland Foods created some highly-original content, ranging from interviews with the Iceland football team, to short clips of the team completing challenges such as kicking footballs into supermarket trolleys. Iceland Food’s videos chalked up a million views in less than two hours during the Euro’s group stages.

Iceland Social media

Iceland changed the shop from to some of their stores as part of the campaign

As a UK-based organisation it was risky to put themselves in a position where they could be seen to be backing another football team in the Euro’s, but they were able put measures in place to keep the nation on their side. By using various tactics such as split football shirts, half Iceland and half England, and even pretending to rename one of their branches to “Iceland or England”, they positioned themselves as impartial – protecting their brand and keeping on-side with their audience.

Iceland Social media

The tweet that went viral – sent out after Iceland knocked England out of the Euro’s

After Iceland knocked England out of the Euro’s, Iceland shared “Unexpected result in the bagging area…” the tweet went viral with over 30,000 retweets and 26,000 likes on Twitter alone. Iceland even used Twitter to agree to a bet with Carlsberg, winning their team some free beers

Iceland Social media

The Carlsberg team paying out after their bet

Iceland Social media

Iceland and Carlsberg agreed the terms of their bet on Twitter









When running social campaigns such as this, you need to ensure that you have the tools in place that allow responsive, off the cuff and inspired content to be published, maximising opportunities when they present themselves.

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