Instagram Strategies for Business

In the age of social media, it is more important than ever that businesses start to advertise online and work on new strategies. A successful campaign can work wonders for your sales and popularity as a brand. Instagram is incredibly popular with people of all ages, and is an excellent way to express yourself through photographs. A business strategy using Instagram can create bold and vibrant advertisements that tell your story in one simple image. Here are some tips and tricks for creating the best Instagram strategy for your business.

Know Your Stuff

Make sure you familiarise yourself with Instagram for business. Their blog is helpful when it comes to learning how to set yourself up and keeping in touch with your audience. They often offer a lot of advice, and also ways of advertising with them. Learning how to work with business advertising is the first and most important step in building a strategy.

Mix it Up

The first thing you might be thinking when it comes to posting images is that they should be serious and advertise your business. You’re only partially right. While product images are very important, so are the more casual ones. Post some pictures of customers with your products, your staff working hard to get everything ready for the working day, and even lunches with your team members.

People want to see you as more than just a brand; they want to see you as an individual who is just like them. It allows them to relate to you and form a connection without having met you before. It is important to throw some fun in among all the seriousness. Plus, it’s great fun for staff as well – they love to get involved, and it can boost morale.

Link Up

You will have the option to connect your Instagram with your Facebook business page – you must to this. Your Instagram images will be automatically posted onto your Facebook page (you can choose to disable this) which brings followers from Facebook onto your Instagram.

You can also advertise your Facebook business page on Instagram with nifty little ad campaigns. These can be helpful when it comes to bringing in more customers as the advert links directly to your business page or website. Linking is a key part of your strategy when it comes to a wider reach.

Make sure you network as well. Follow back the big brands, as well as anyone else that seems as though they might bring more people to you. Incorporate your brand specific hashtags from other social media platforms to create a sense of continuity. Leave comments on the photos of others and like them as well – people are likely to check you out this way. Networking is an excellent form of linking.

Give Them Incentive

People want an incentive to keep following you, and maybe even to make a purchase. Run a few competitions every year on your Instagram account (but don’t overdo it or people will get bored). This really gets customers involved, and if you get them to share it with their friends you are bringing in more potential customers as well. It can work wonders and bring up your follower count.

Stay Up to Date

Like most social media platforms, Instagram has trending tags and topics all the time. You can find these easily, as when you go to tag something the most used ones will pop up. Use any that relate to your business when tagging images – the more used a tag is, the better the chance people will see it. Create a visual story and share it with the world.

Don’t Be Afraid

Never be afraid to experiment with different types of filters on your images. People like to see variety, and looking at images with and without filters can create a visually appealing effect on people. Just remember, these are your images and you need to present them in a way that shows who you are and what you stand for as a brand, but also as a person.

To Conclude

Your Instagram strategy doesn’t have to be long or complicated to get results. All you need is a solid plan and an excellent knowledge of how Instagram for business works. If you keep the tips and tricks found here in mind, you are already on the road to a grand Instagram strategy that is sure to bring in more followers and, hopefully, a lot more business. In the age of social media marketing, you need to be on top of it if you want to get ahead. It is not difficult, but it takes work.

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