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Social fans

The largest Portuguese Private University has over 10,000 students from across the world, its objective is to reach more potential students to market their courses. With SocialSignIn’s complete social solution they have achieved their goals.


  • The University have increased the enrolment rate of international students by using SocialSignIn’s monitoring features to identify prospective students and engage with them.
  • Using SocialSignIn’s clear unified inbox to respond to students questions and queries, Lusófona University greatly increased satisfaction within a short time-frame.
  •  SocialSignIn enables Lusófona University to manage their 40 separate social accounts from one central hub ensuring all activity is monitored.
  • Lusófona University have saved three hours per campaign by effectively using SocialSignIn’s advanced publishing and scheduling features.

Social Needs

Brand protection

Passwords were freely shared between users and there was no visible audit trail of activity within the institute, which had led to compromised social accounts. There was a desire to have a secure platform that includes a fully visible audit trail, post approval and comprehensive user and team permissions.

Return on engagement

Large educational institutes like Lusófona look to increase their share of voice within the higher education market by identifying and engaging with prospective local and international students.

One Platform

With over forty social media accounts across multiple departments, it was time consuming and cumbersome to update and manage. Lusófona University wanted to implement a system that would enable all accounts to be managed under one central hub.

What Lusófona University said…

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