Meet the SocialSignIn Board of Directors

ben igloo

Ben Nimmo, a Computer Science graduate from the University of Nottingham, founded SocialSignIn in 2012, with the aim to help organisations deliver the best social media experience for their customers.

Ben Nimmo

Founder & Chief Technology Officer
  • Ben has always been passionate about social media and shortly after completing his degree, he developed a Facebook app that allowed users to create posters of their friends and deliver the printed poster to them, with help from present‐day colleague Nick Wood.
  • With a very hi‐tech background, having worked for Glide Utilities, SP Group and Fisheye Web Design, Ben is responsible for SocialSignIn’s technical direction, working on architectural strategy through to technical recruitment and operational management.
Nick Wood

Nick Wood has a wealth of experience in strategic decision making in respect of the structure and direction of a product or business. He is a seasoned entrepreneur, with a background in driving early stage product and start‐up ventures in both technology and retail.

Nick Wood

  • Following a Business Studies degree, Nick held early career positions in product development and marketing for high tech firms in the UK and U.S; developing pioneering solutions in the mobile marketing and data services markets.
  • Post 2004, Nick launched award winning businesses in the healthy fast food and self-storage markets. Specific skills include developing a sound product and business strategy, also building and leading teams to achieve profitable business targets, underpinned by a wealth of entrepreneurial lessons learnt and know how.

Formerly the Sales & Marketing Manager for a leading hospitality company’s chain of bars and comedy venues, Darren Fiander is now responsible for leading, developing, and ensuring the success of strategic sales & marketing initiatives for SocialSignIn.

Darren Fiander

Commercial Director
  • Darren joined SocialSignIn in early 2013 as the Head of Sales & Marketing. Darren has particular expertise in creating teams and processes from scratch and operating within a start‐up environment.
  • Formerly the Regional Sales & Marketing Manager for a leading hospitality company’s chain of bars and comedy venues.
  • Bilingual Darren is fluent in his native Finnish as well as English and along with his degree in International Hospitality Business Management.