National Express Coach

National Express Coach Success Story

National Express Coaches manage over 18.9m journeys every year and 35,099 inbound social messages per quarter. With a rapidly-growing number of social customers, they needed to find a social management platform to underpin their social customer service going forward.

year-on-year growth in Customer Service Twitter messages


inbound messages per quarter


reduction in Social Customer Service response times

Growing Passenger Interactions

National Express Coaches had always managed its social media activity using multiple third party systems and by accessing social accounts natively. With over 35,099 inbound social messages received every quarter, resolving these effectively was becoming time-consuming for the team.


But, as the popularity of its social channels continued to grow, the management team realised that if they could make their internal processes more efficient and collaborative, that this would enable them to provide market-leading social customer service and set them apart from the competition. National Express Coaches needed to find a better way of managing social media.

National Express Coach
National Express Coach
Starting their Search

Requirements included a complete customer service package, the ability to schedule and analyse content marketing campaigns, and the capability to monitor what is being said about its brand and industry. Initially they found it difficult to find a single tool that was equally strong in all areas, and we’re reluctant to procure multiple tools.


But after reviewing a number of solutions and conducting strict due diligence, National Express Coaches decided that SocialSignIn could deliver its vision for industry-leading social customer service. Simon Partington, Digital Communications Manager said, “When I first saw the SocialSignIn platform I was really impressed. The layout and design were simple and intuitive, while the functionality and suite of analytics would allow us to effectively manage a high volume of customer enquiries, with total visibility across our social operation so that we can continuously improve.”

A Complete Social Media Platform

After partnering with SocialSignIn and receiving a tailored training package, National Express Coaches started building even greater efficiency and inter-departmental collaboration into their workflows – helping them identify and respond to urgent issues, as well as building strong, long-term relationships with their customers base.


By using SocialSignIns’ pioneering media monitoring module, National Express Coaches now proactively track keywords such as ‘coach’ or ‘delays’, reaching out to people outside of their immediate social network, resolving their transport problems and generating new business. By monitoring media streams they are also able to identify and respond to indirect brand mentions, managing their online reputation and gathering deep customer insights to help them continually grow and improve their service.

National Express Coach
National Express Coach
The Road to Success

SocialSignIn has helped consolidate National Express Coaches position as an industry leader through their approach to social customer service, reducing social media response times by almost 21%. Since the partnership with SocialSignIn began, National Express Coach has more than tripled its dedicated Digital Contacts Team in less than 18 months.


Samantha Cox, Contact Centre Team Manager, said, “SocialSignIn has enabled us to quickly see and harness the potential of our social media operation, scaling it accordingly. Our passenger feedback is positive, response times are shorter and our customer service is being continuously refined, day on day. We now quickly and effectively resolve social queries without pushing them to another channel, our customers have responded to this and we have seen our inbound Twitter messages grow from 2000 to over 7000 per month. We see social media only accelerating as a key communication channel for both us and our customers. We have been focusing on our social media for over 12 months and it now equates to 11% of inbound contacts.”


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