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NHS Confederation Success Story

The NHS Confederation is the authentic voice of NHS leadership. It’s the only NHS membership body that brings together and speaks on behalf of all organisations that plan, commission and provide NHS services – with members drawn from every part of the health and care system.

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A healthy presence

NHS Confederation’s social media journey started in 2009, as early adopters of social media they had several well established social channels that were actively used to broadcast relevant news to its members and other NHS bodies. As the NHS Confederations’ social media presence and role grew, the social team started to struggle with how to effectively manage their social channels and activity – particularly measuring the impact of the confederations awareness building activity.

NHS Confederation
NHS Confederation
Looking for options

Gregor Jones, Digital Communications Officer at the NHS Confederation started looking for a scalable and comprehensive platform that would allow the communications team to work together on one platform. He came across a number of solutions that offered some, but not all of what he was looking for. Eventually, based upon a recommendation, he came across SocialSignIn and organised a bespoke demonstration. It was clear to Gregor that SocialSignIn ticked all right boxes and he was impressed with the additional security features that would enable him to grant access throughout the organisation fear-free of a social crisis. He saw great potential in SocialSignIn and was keen to introduce it to this team.

The perfect solution

SocialSignIn has fundamentally helped the NHS Confederation build upon its established social channels. Gregor and his colleagues are now able to grow their reach, engagement and view detailed analytics on the content they publish, allowing them to make better choices on the types of social content to use in the future. They have also found the SocialSignIn customer service module to be extremely powerful, giving their team the ability to easily measure, manage and action the vast number of social interactions they receive on a daily basis. SocialSignIn’s content library gives the communications team the ability to store approved media within the platform, enabling them to share content fear-free. The Comms team have created folders within the content library for different teams, these can now be accessed at anytime, from anywhere.

NHS Confederation
NHS Confederation
A New Lease of Life

Since implementing SocialSignIn as their social media management platform, the NHS Confederation has significantly increased the level of engagement they receive on their social media channels and significantly decrease the response time for inbound messages. This has been due to their team’s new-found ability to understand the ‘Top Times to Post Out’ from within the platforms’ analytics area and easily access all incoming messages in a clear unified inbox. SocialSignIn analyses all the content posted out since the team started using the platform, and works out the most successful time slots for engagement.


Gregor Jones, Digital Communications Officer, praised the analytics, saying that, “SocialSignIn’s analytics have allowed us to get more out of our social media activity, we now get to view the metrics that really matter to an organisation like ourselves – and steer clear from the social metrics we may have focused on in the past. Throughout every step, myself and my colleagues have been supported by our dedicated customer success manager at SocialSignIn, who is on hand to deliver platform support and also advice”.

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