Natural Resources Wales

 Natural Resources Wales, the government body in place to help sustain natural beauty and wildlife in Wales, needed a solution that would allow them to create compelling and visually beautiful content that would appeal to their diverse following. Discover their journey to social success.

Reported emergency environmental incidents a year




People registered to receive flood warnings

Connecting with Diverse Audiences

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has a diverse social following with diverse interests and diverse needs, from updates on emergency environmental incidents and queries around fishing licenses, to finding out more information about local nature walks.


NRW needed to find a solution that would enable them to clearly see through the storm and analyse their current social strategies to understand what worked and why, ensuring that they were maximising both marketing impact and customer service. Security and control are always key considerations with social media, NRW wanted to find a solution that would enable them to decentralise social media into multiple departments, making it truly “social” whilst removing any risk.


Where to begin the Search for a Solution?

It was essential for NRW that they could share critical time-sensitive information to their social following in real-time, if an environmental crisis were to occur. Working within the Public Sector, strict compliance and auditing requirements were also high on the agenda for NRW. In order to craft compelling content that generated reach and engagement, NRW wanted the ability to edit images from within the solution. The final piece in the jigsaw was to be able analyse their campaigns, again in the same ecosystem, using the data to inform future campaigns.


They felt that the perfect platform, that built the business case for social, may not exist or may be well outside of their budget. Heledd Evans, Digital Manager at NRW said “We needed a solution that would show exactly why social media was important in our organisation and by using SocialSignIn we can clearly show our worth in their reports.

Light at the end of the Tunnel

Heledd Evans, the Digital Manager at NRW, began looking at available social media management platforms but she was struggling to find a solution that would comply with their tight regulations. She said “When I discovered SocialSignIn I was so relieved. They are the perfect combination of functionality and affordability. I could instantly see the added value it would bring to our organisation and the interface is so simple that we could quickly enable the less tech-savvy team members to use it.”


With only a small social team, they needed to find a solution that would enable them to reduce the time they spent scheduling content, with SocialSignIn’s post-splitting features they can now create and publish branded and compelling content across multiple channels simultaneously. Heledd Evans, Digital Manager said “We chose SocialSIgnIn for several reasons, a European based company, integrates well, built-in image editing, inbox management and analytics plus the competitive price. Perfect combination.”

Record-breaking Results

SocialSignIn has enabled Natural Resources Wales to develop specific social strategies, which have resulted in a significant upturn in performance thanks to the wealth of analytical data now now at their disposal. NRW can now also create visually-strong social posts without leaving the platform, boosting engagement, reach and follower figures and saving considerable – previously this meant accessing several systems. By decentralising social activity to include a wider user-base from across the organisation, NRW has been able to generate better quality content – safe in the knowledge that they have a comprehensive audit trail that complies with tight regulations.

What The NRW said…

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