29th of September 2016

Patisserie Holdings turn the heat up on social media

Patisserie Holdings turns up the heat on social media

In order to fully-harness the power of social media, Patisserie Holdings has partnered with Birmingham-based social media management platform, SocialSignIn, allowing them to manage all of their social activity from within one solution. They are now able to build and engage their followers, turning their community into social ROI.


“Social media is developing into a powerful marketing channel for us. As we have so many brands and accounts it became very confusing for us to manage. It was impossible for us to have visibility on which content was sticking without the support of a purpose-built solution”, said Sophie Broomfield, Social Media Manager, Patisserie Holdings.


Patisserie Holdings has now been able to grow their social presence, generating greater awareness around their restaurants and driving more traffic to their websites. As their brands all target different audiences – based upon age, gender and location, they have the insights and ability to create and target content for each audience segment.


“Defining the right channel mix to increase website sales has always been difficult, but with our new partnership with SocialSignIn we are able to discover which content converts our followers into customers. Imagery of our cakes and food always get a lot of engagement but not necessarily sales. With SocialSignIn we can now clearly see what drives to website conversions, we can implement more informed marketing strategies going forward. It’s really helped us take our social media to the next level”, said Sophie.

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