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The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland needed a solution that would allow them to control multiple accounts. With SocialSignIn’s complete solution they can schedule, analyse and monitor for insights using one simple tool.


  • The ability to split social posts have greatly improved The RZSS’s brand consistency.
  • The RZSS highly rate the clear and concise calender overview which makes it easy at a glance to ensure that there is a good mixture of content and a regular flow of posts.
  • By using SocialSignIn, The RZSS’s Communications team are now able to invite other departments to contribute to social media, thanks to previous concerns over coordination, password protection and message consistency now being addressed. They are looking forward to generating even more compelling content, safe in the knowledge that all posts can be centrally managed to ensure they form a cohesive social media communications plan.

Social Needs

Build awareness

The Edinburgh Zoo is Scotland’s second highest visited attraction, so continuing to build and develop a social community is of great importance. Not only to keep regular visitors up-to-date with promotions and events, but also to extend their reach and spark the interest of people that have not visited the Zoo previously. They also use social media to generate interest and create awareness for their animals and events.

Have the ability to respond to both direct and indirect enquires

The RZSS uses social channels to engage and respond to customer queries and complaints. Keeping track of online engagement over multiple channels would normally be a huge challenge, however this offers a cost efficient method of customer service in which customers can get a response in near to real-time. This gives them the ability to counteract any negative comments quickly, and answer any questions the public have in regards to prices or events ensuring customer satisfaction. The RZSS are now looking to expand it’s use into the customer service department.

Publishing to multiple social accounts from one simple to use hub

The RZSS wanted to implement a platform that would allow them to publish attention grabbing content on a regular basis across all social channels easily and clearly. With the ability to target certain audiences, they can promote events and promotions to the relevant age groups at the right times, such as targeting young families during school holidays, or increasing awareness of their conservation and education work through the main Society channels.

Protection from Unverified Posts

The RZSS has a wealth of brilliant content at their fingertips, however some stories can be PR sensitive. For example, an innocent tweet mentioning the birth of a new animal could potentially cause a great deal of press coverage, however it is important that multiple departments coordinate first to ensure that all external messaging is accurate and consistent. With these sort of risks involved, The RZSS have always contained their social media activity to a select few however, with the permission features built into SocialSignIn, they are now able to give other departments access confident that all posts can be centrally managed and appropriately coordinated.

What The RZSS said…

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