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Empowering social customer service teams

Designed with customer service environments in mind, clients like Gatwick Airport and C2C Rail use our unified inbox to manage all their direct messages across multiple social networks. With SocialSignIn it is easy to assign messages to colleagues, check message sentiment and monitor conversation response times.


Simple inbox management

With SocialSignIn, managing a high number of social messages is simple. All your direct social messages, public and private, for all of your accounts can be found in SocialSignIn’s unified inbox. Users can locate messages easily with the ability to search based upon variables such as influence score, sentiment and date.

Focus on Social Customer Service

Keep track of your social customer history. Add internal notes and tags to a user’s social profile, view their past interactions with your organisation and gather the latest statistics on a user’s influence score, popularity, location and keywords. Address questions and queries faster by using our internal communication system to discuss issues with colleagues.

Designed for teams

SocialSignIn makes it simple for you to manage incoming messages from multiple accounts. The ability to easily see if messages have been actioned, and if so by whom makes it easy to monitor your inbox during peak times. Assign messages to other colleagues or teams ensuring that they are responded to by the correct people. Monitor conversation response times and view all communication, ensuring all messages are responded to quickly and issues are resolved.

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