social media publishing

Publish & Schedule

Seamlessly publish & schedule into a user friendly calendar

SocialSignIn enables you to publish and schedule engaging content simultaneously across Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Our publishing features automatically shorten links, fetch content from RSS feeds, allow you to attach and edit imagery, and target specific audiences.


Empowering social customer service teams

Designed with customer service environments in mind, the SocialSignIn unified inbox makes it easy to assign messages to colleagues, check message sentiment and monitor conversation response times.

social media engagement
social media monitoring


Monitor your media content: newsites, social, forums, and blogs

By using SocialSignIn’s monitoring features for insights, brands can act quickly to address indirect negative feedback, identify business opportunities, and strengthen relationships with customers. SocialSignIn presents the information in an easy to digest and interactive stream.


A powerful, easily digestible suite of social analytics

SocialSignin has a variety of comprehensive analytical reports that are designed to give organisations centralised reporting across all owned social channels.

social media management platform
social media management platform


We help you stay compliant with strict industry regulations

SocialSignIn has been designed to allow organisations to fully explore the potential of their social activity without any legal complications. With approval processes, 2-factor authentication, IP address restriction and a whole host of other security features, The FCA and many other clients already use our platform for peace of mind.