Compliance and Security

Organisations can now fully-leverage the power social media without any legal complications. With approval processes, 2­factor authentication, IP address restriction and many other security features, clients use our platform with peace of mind.


Remove the risks and untraceability associated with accessing social networks natively, by using one secure social media management platform. A moderated environment lets you empower employees from multiple departments to publish and respond on your social channels, risk free.

Customisable Permissions

With flexible and comprehensive user settings and permissions, you have complete control of which accounts users are able to view and interact on, as well as visibility of each user’s actions within the platform.


Audit trails deliver complete traceability within SocialSignIn, giving an extra layer of security and compliance.

Brand Protection & Reputation Management

Monitor all direct interactions and indirect social chatter for negative sentiment or specific phrases. SocialSignIn will pause and flag posts if they contain “blocking” words, which you can specify. You can approve or decline posts and feel confident that your account is not being misused.


In the event of a communications crisis, a company lockdown button allows only authorised users to prevent any content or responses being published while the incident is being managed.

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