social media monitoring


Social monitoring, it’s important.

By using SocialSignIn monitoring features for insights, brands can act quickly to address indirect negative feedback, identify business opportunities, and strengthen relationships with customers.


With our new additional media monitoring and analytics solution integrates social media and mainstream news in a single, interactive timeline. This enables users to quickly and easily identify and share relevant coverage, analysis and insights.

Key Points

Conversations worth joining

Search for brand mentions that are not directly linked to your accounts, find potential followers with similar interests, monitor competitors and stay up-to-date with industry news. With our additional complete media monitoring, you can detect sources based upon your brand, hashtags or keywords from both on and off-line media outlets and access them in an actionable monitoring stream.

Filter the noise

Use SocialSignIn’s powerful filters to remove the noise and identify those users that require a response. Search queries can be fully customised thanks to Boolean parameters and additional geographical settings. Respond, retweet, flag or even assign to other members of your team, all within the monitoring stream.

Complete worldwide coverage

With coverage across all major languages and countries, on practically any vertical and interest, you can search 250 million current news items, social media posts and print articles. Instantly respond to breaking news events with near real-time worldwide posting.

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