Publish & Schedule

Complete Campaign Planning

Marketing and Communications teams now have complete visibility and control over all campaigns, with the ability to view all scheduled content using a clean, customisable calendar.


Clearly see what posts are scheduled, for when and by whom, maintaining a consistent flow of engaging posts. Drag and drop posts into different days / times for complete control.


Quickly set up team or user-based publishing permissions, dependent upon roles and responsibilities. Set posts for verification before publishing, giving you an extra layer of security.


Publish & Schedule

Seamlessly publish and schedule compelling content across multiple social channels simultaneously, including; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+. Create a post once and then adapt it for each social channel to maximise engagement. Preview how your posts will display on each social network before publishing, ensuring each post is optimised for engagement.

With the ability to schedule posts in advance based on optimum engagement times, you can check campaigns and target audiences based upon location, age, gender and more – reaching the right people at the right time for maximum impact.

If you prefer, you can bulk upload content using an Excel spreadsheet to make scheduling posts even faster. Automatically shorten links using bespoke vanity URL’s to drive higher click rates.

Leverage the power of the influencer

Enhance the reach and credibility of your content by engaging influencers and thought leaders with your campaigns.


Quickly find and tag an individual or organisation using autocomplete for Twitter handles and Facebook pages. Simply hit @ and start typing who you want to see and share your content. So there’s no more struggling to remember the right spelling and having to copy it from a network natively, it can now all be done from within the SocialSignIn Communicate module.

Create Compelling Content

SocialSignIn has partnered with Adobe Creative Cloud to offer fast in-app image editing that removes the need to involve your design department. Crop images to the optimum size for each social channel, add text, emojis or create memes – driving both reach and engagement.


The SocialSignIn Media Library allows you to build a dedicated resource of approved, branded and organised content that your users can draw on for campaigns, giving you greater control over what your team publish.


Curation is as important as creation. Connect RSS feeds from important industry website and have a continuous stream of powerful third party content that positions you as a thought leader.

Analyse Your Campaigns

A powerful, interactive marketing report will allow you to quickly understand which content is resonating with your audience and your optimum time to publish for maximum engagement.


Track reach, follower, engagement, location and demographic metrics for each social channel, and how your content is impacting on them. Quickly create customisable reports that can be shared with senior stakeholders.


Finally, push notifications, a completely customisable way of being alerted by email or mobile push notification regarding posts published, posts that failed to publish, validation requests and messages assigned to you or your team.

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