7 Top Tips On How To Use Social Media For Customer Service

Social media is an ever-growing platform, both for social pleasure and business, so we have created our top tips on how to use social media for customer service. More and more companies are creating social media pages for people to follow and like so that they can keep updated with the latest news but also so that they can learn more about their customers. Social media has become a customer service platform for most companies – a place where customers can voice concerns or complaints, or even praise a company.

As a company, there are a few steps that you should always remember to take when dealing with customer care on social media, and if you are a larger company, then your customer service team need to make sure they remember.

1. Be with your customers

Search the internet for mentions of you company name. Whichever social media platform you find it mentioned on, create a page. Doing this will help you to see who is talking about you and where they are doing it. This can assist in creating a following for you and a platform for communication with the company.

After all, you need to be the ones to meet them on social media platforms, and not the other way around. By creating your page and making yourself known through advertising, the customers will find you and they will appreciate you creating a place for them.

2. Listen to your customers

Listening is such a key part of customer service on social media. You need to listen to their opinions and act accordingly. You can learn a lot about what your customers like, dislike, and think needs improvement by listening to what they have to say and not just ignoring or deleting it.

You can collect and analyse the data associated with their activity to see the ratio of customers complaining or commenting positively. You can also determine which times of day have the highest level of traffic and how quickly people respond to a post as a whole.

3. Prioritise the questions your customers have

The time it takes for an inbox on social media to go from empty to full can be quite surprising, and this is exactly what will happen to you. Scores of questions can be overwhelming and daunting to look at, but there is an easy way to prioritise them.

Using keywords, analytic technology can organise inquiries into groups by urgency – so from issues that need resolving immediately to those that are less important and can wait. Prioritising saves time and energy and allows you or your team to get on with answering questions. Don’t forget to interact with the people on your pages as well though, and customers appreciate a personal interaction and it increases loyalty.

4. Respond quickly to customers

Response times are key in social media customer services. Especially with platforms like Facebook adding message response times, customers want to see that you reply quickly. This doesn’t just apply to messages, but comments and tweets as well. Most customers expect to receive a response on the same day they sent a question, and while this can be challenging practising immediacy can be incredibly rewarding in the long run. A fast response to messages, comments, and tweets only looks good on you and your company.

5. Always be polite

Even when a customer is rude and unkind, you must always remain polite and helpful. Rude responses do not always work for companies. Some have managed to pull it off and have snarky retorts as a sort of trademark for their business, but it is important to play it safe and remain kind and polite when dealing with even the most demanding customer. Customers can tell when you care and they truly appreciate it.

6. Get local

Localising social customer service is a sure-start way to add extra shine to your communications. By including customer-facing team members like branch or venue managers, you are enabling the best people in the right place to deal with their own queries. Your managers may already be aware of any ongoing compliments before they make it onto social media and your giving your customers someone familiar and recognisable to deal with. When granting access to people outside of the standard Communications team, it’s natural to have concerns regarding security and that’s why it’s essential that you have the tools to log activity and keep your brand protected.

7. Don’t stop improving

When you’ve created an engaging community and are responding to messages in a timely, localised and efficient manner, it’s easy to sit back and congratulate yourself but it’s not over. Just like all aspects of customer service, achieving perfection is a journey not a destination. It’s important that you regularly review and update your strategies in order to keep up with your customers ever-changing demands. By tracking and analysing your customer’s behaviour you can see what areas of your customer service require additional improvement and by tracking sentiment you can monitor how your brand is being perceived on a individual and overall basis. Analytics are your keys to constantly improving – use them.

With these simple tips for successfully taking care of social media customer services, you and your team are sure to get on your feet and deal with the rush of comments and messages in no time at all. While the process can be daunting, it is incredibly rewarding in the long run, for you and your business.

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