26th of November 2015

As Featured in: Birmingham Post

SocialSignIn breaks boundaries for

Edgbaston Cricket Ground’s social media

Thanks to the innovative social media management and monitoring platform that SocialSignIn has developed, they have been enable to manage all accounts under one central hub, the ground has been able to achieve award-winning engagement – Warwickshire CCC’s twitter account has grown from 0 followers to over 26,000 in just over 22 months – while cutting the time previously spent on managing separate social media accounts by 80%. For the T20 season, since SocialSignIn joined the team, seven times as many season passes were sold in 2015 compared to 2014 and overall attendance numbers increased from 39,000 to over 50,000, while the highest retention rate for the five years was delivered.


Finding a platform that could accommodate multiple users was essential for the club, with many different people operating the three brands’ social media accounts as well as players, attendants and even the groundskeeper using the club’s social feeds.


SocialSignIn has not just equipped Edgbaston with a platform to manage posting match scores and player news to social channels. The club reports that it has also improved marketing, social customer care, social risk management and compliance through its simple platform.


SocialSignIn’s powerful but user-friendly set of features enables clients like Edgbaston to track key metrics such as sentiment, influence and user response times. This data has helped Edgbaston improve its relationship with cricket fans and their success was recognised at the ECB Business of Cricket Awards as it took home the County Marketing Award and the Major Match Marketing Award, thanks largely to the way it used social channels to improve ticket sales and community engagement as well as raising the profile of all forms of cricket at the ground.

Using SocialSignIn, the club are able to track the ROI of its social media activity, drill down into the impact of individual posts and produce reports to communicate those results simply and clearly to all stakeholders.


Founded in 2012, UK-based SocialSignIn works with hundreds of private and public sector organisations across Europe to allow them to effectively publish, schedule and analyse content through a single, scalable platform.

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