SocialSignIn Inbox 2.0

Today’s mobile-first consumer is active across more social channels than many companies can handle. Consumers have embraced social customer service as the medium of choice to ask a question or air a complaint because of its speed and convenience. Once a customer receives a first-time, human resolution from a digitally-savvy brands – they won’t go back to traditional channels.

While social media management platforms have been around for some time now, they have begun to feel the strain of a rapidly-growing volume of social interactions. All it takes is one missed tweet, one slow response or a poor customer experience for a consumer to switch brand allegiance to a rival competitor. However, conversely, if a brand can provide fast, effective responses which create powerful first impressions, or continue to add value for existing customer – the lifetime loyalty of today’s demanding digital consumer can be secured.

Introducing the SocialSignIn Inbox 2.0

Beginning on Monday February 20th 2017, we begin a phased roll-out of the new SocialSignIn social management inbox.

This powerful new update to one of the core modules, marks the start of SocialSignIn 2.0, which will then sweep through every element of the platform – giving it an array of powerful new features and an intuitive design aesthetic.

Key functionality has been identified and brought to the forefront, through rigorous usability testing – this ensures the most effective use of the platform. We have worked hard with longstanding partners from numerous vertical sectors to develop a new Inbox that empowers the user and enables a more efficient and accurate work flow. Meaning nothing slips through the net and errors are minimised, enabling you to turn satisfied customers into influential brand advocates.

Inbox Dashboard

The new inbox dashboard displays all of the key metrics for each user in a clear snapshot. Response times, messages assigned to you and messages that have been actioned are all visible on the intuitive new dashboard.


Live Unified Inbox

You will now be working from a live, dynamic inbox – without the need to refresh or reload new messages when filters have been applied. In keeping with all major social channels, a blue pop-up at the top of the inbox will alert you when new messages have arrived. You can then decide when it is most convenient for you to click and load the messages into your inbox, ready to action. Information such as social channel icons and message criteria have been made even clearer, making it easier for you to scan and action a higher volume of messages.

Preset Filters

To help you organise and manage your inbox, we are giving you to ability to choose from a selection of preset filters, or to build and save a number of your own custom filters. You can then switch between any of these filters to load your required messages into the inbox. If you exit a filter you have built without saving it, you will now be able to return to a previous filter and save it for future use. This new level of control and customisation will reduce errors, missed messages and save considerable time.


Quick Action Tools

You will now be able view, action and manage social media interactions, and up to 66% faster and more effectively. The new SocialSignIn inbox allows you to quickly scan twice as many messages than before, identifying and prioritising those that need quickly actioning. You can now clearly see messages that have come from important influencers, assign these to colleagues, adjust their sentiment or action the message – all without having to open the message – helping you stay informed and work more efficiently.


Open Message Menu

The new open message menu consolidates and streamlines all of the key actions and shortcuts that you need into one simple panel, making features that were previously only accessible through a number of clicks, now immediately clear and available.


Open Message

Messages will now open using a clean, modern new aesthetic. Customer profile information, tags and notes are readily-accessible within every open message, allowing you to have more personalised conversations with customers and collaborate with colleagues easier. Historical notes can be followed using a clear audit trail. You can now track conversations and follow a thread, with clear distinction between second and third tier comments. If you’re running an offer or competition that generates many responses, you can also “silence” messages so that not every comment comes into your inbox. These comments can then be retrieved at a later date by running a filter.



To help you get up to speed quickly and drive maximum value from the new features within the new inbox, we have developed a set of mini-tutorials that will remind you precisely how they work. So if you have a new colleague join your social media team, or if you just haven’t used a feature for a while, these videos will ensure you can work independently and confidently.


The new SocialSignIn inbox has been built to deliver the control and efficiency that modern social media practitioners need – creating the powerful customer experiences that grow new business opportunities and ensure lifetime loyalty from existing customers.

To find out more about the new SocialSignIn inbox, and how other modules within the platform can help you achieve your social media goals, send us an enquiry request and one of our Product Specialists will be in touch.

About the Writer:

Sara Mahmoudi, UX/UI designer at SocialSignIn is a strong believer that how you design, market and advertise a product, is equally as important as the creation itself. The relationships you build with people and understanding the psyche of your customer through critical research, creative strategic thinking and behavioural economics, is something Sarah relishes and an aspect of her work that she loves.

If you’d like to connect on LinkedIn click here or view her portfolio here.