Successful Black Friday social media campaigns for Retail

Since Black Friday crossed over the Atlantic to British shores, it has become the most popular shopping day in the build up to Christmas. Brands are now using an array of content and techniques to make their Black Friday social media campaigns really shine – producing record-breaking social-driven sales.

In 2015 the UK public spent over 1.1bn over the Black Friday weekend and the predicted spend has been predicted to rise again this year – giving retailers a strong incentive to join the race. In 2015 the UK’s high streets were deserted due to consumers avoiding the in-store madness and turning to the internet from the comfort of their own home instead – showing a change in how they hunt for special offers. This year, with Christmas spending uncertainty, it’s important that retailers are harnessing the digital side of their businesses to drive social sales and generate maximum friction during Black Friday.

Last year’s Black Friday was dubbed “Black Five-day” as many brands ran offers from Thursday 24 to Monday 28 November. This year, marketing campaigns and offers have started over a week in advance of Friday 24.With so much excitement and buzz around the event, retailers are looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd on social media, driving ecommerce sales upwards. So we have compiled the latest tips and tricks to organising a successful Black Friday campaign, helping you maximise social sales by providing compelling and unique content.

Be different

Most retailers will be fighting for space on social media and desperately looking for a way to grab attention. If you are a smaller company or one without a huge marketing budget it can be difficult to figure out how you can stand out amongst the big boys with limitless funds. Looking for different and unique ways win the attention war can be the key, for example our client Iceland used their brand name as a play on words during the Euros.


Include clear incentives

With more people claiming their Black Friday offers from the comfort of their own homes, your competitors will be trying to find new ways to outsmart you on social media and it’s essential to offer incentives that set you apart. On top of offering discounts on your products there are other methods of boosting your sales on Black Friday, such as offering free shipping, competitions or “bundle offers” like “buy this product and this product and get this one for free”. “Bundle offers” can really encourage upselling and can be used very well when selling outfits or items that are usually sold as a set.

Build exclusivity

Everyone loves to feel special and valued – Black Friday can give you the perfect opportunity to treat your regular customers as VIPs. By offering special deals to your social following and sending out exclusive invites to your mailing list, you can give them the best possible deals and encourage brand loyalty. This also helps build your social following and mailing list, as prospects have an incentive to build a relationship with you. Sending out an email to your mailing list reminding them that you have exclusive offers running on Black Friday can help to increase sales especially when used alongside social marketing content that is creating excitement around your promotions.


Perfect your strategy and think ahead

Planning ahead is essential for Black Friday campaigns – you need to let your social followers know that you are partaking in the festive fun and to remind them to check out your website for offers on the day. By sharing content in the days and weeks before the event you can build excitement and really boost your engagement. In 2014 Kohl’s, the US based retailer, generated over 370K Twitter mentions by generating buzz before the day and running smart competitions.

Use hashtags wisely

#BlackFriday will be the top hashtag to jump onto and including it in all of your social posts is essential as it will be an easy way for you to maximise your reach. Setting up your own hashtag can work to your benefit too as Kohl’s, the US based retailer, discovered in 2014 when their strategy enabled them to hold the top organic trending hashtag during Black Friday hours.

Black Friday is the perfect opportunity for your brand to get an extra increase in social sales and really better relationships with current customers. One of the most important things to remember is to ensure that your website can handle an increase in traffic – last year several big brands struggled to accommodate the drastic rise in traffic so be sure to take measures to prepare for this. If you would like to see how SocialSignIn’s social media management platform could help you to better execute social media campaigns, book a demo today

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