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Social fans

Sweaty Betty wanted to create an active social community creating more buzz about their brand. SocialSignIn provided them the complete social solution to maximise their engagement, reach and social sales.


  • Since implementing SocialSignIn, Sweaty Betty have doubled their engagement and run several record-breaking campaigns such as, the ’30 Day Sweat Challenge’ which had over 900 mentions on Twitter.
  • Sweaty Betty have dramatically increased their response time and are now offering superb online customer service.
  • Sweaty Betty needed to be aware of customer sentiment and brand mentions. When releasing a new clothing line, they wanted to see the response of their social audience and also monitor the competitor’s activity.

Social Needs

Building a community

Sweaty Betty’s social goal wass to build and develop a community of women both on a national and international scale.

Ability to publish relevant and engaging content

Sweaty Betty wanted to implement a platform that would allow them to publish captivating fitness and promotional content on a regular basis across all social channels. Part of an engaging social audience is creating the right content, such as using Facebook for promotional offers and Twitter to engage with their ever growing community.

Ability to respond to both direct and indirect enquires

So many organisations are using social media for customer service. Sweaty Betty are no different. They use social channels to engage and respond to customer queries and complaints. They are able to respond to not only direct queries but to engage with indirect mentions in near to real-time.

Drive online rankings

A costly element of a retailer’s marketing strategy is search engine advertising. Having solid traditional rankings is mission critical for retailers. With a growing emphasis on Google+ pages, along with recent developments like the indexing of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages on Google’s natural listings.

Shape and tailor posts

SocialSignIn’s communication and scheduling tools allows Sweaty Betty to schedule all content into one, easy to read and manageable calendar. Realising the potential of this scheduling tool was the selling point for Sweaty Betty, as the team are often out of the office at fashion events such as London Fashion Week.

Target audiences

Sweaty Betty wanted the ability to select the demographics of the post’s audience. This means that when Sweaty Betty brings out a new line which has a specific target audience, such as their younger women’s wear they can target that specific age range.

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