The Deltic Group on Social Media Management

There are now more than 2.3 billion (wearesocial 2016) active social media users globally, growing at a rate of 200 million new users every six months. This rapid growth in social media hasn’t escaped the notice of businesses, with social media, much more so than the web itself, becoming the new ‘front door’ for business today. 82.7% of large UK businesses (ONS 2014) now use social media management strategies to drive growth.

The role social media plays in business is only forecast to accelerate. The good news for businesses is that every day major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are developing new ways to make it even more simple and effective for companies to engage with their customers. Similarly, social media management platforms are making it even easier to harness, manage and measure the impact of social media for business.

In this Vlog Tim Howard, the Head of Marketing & Central Operations at The Deltic Group, the leading UK late night Entertainment provider, breaks down the major topics, trends and best practices in social media today – as well as how Deltic Group successfully used social media marketing to drive record sales growth of 282% and grew their social reach by over 17 million.


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