The future of Social media marketing

With over 2.34 billion active users, social media marketing has become the perfect place for brands from all sectors to communicate and build relationships with their audiences. However managing and reacting to the fast-paced, constantly changing world of social media can be a challenge. With new trends unfolding and algorithms being introduced, it’s important that you keep refining your techniques to remain in front of your customers and ahead of the competition.

At SocialSignIn we understand the importance of keeping up with these constant changes, so we have recently released our brand new Marketing Module, giving our partners the tools to extend their marketing reach, increase brand awareness and drive more website traffic than ever before…ultimately, driving growth and building relationships.

Here’s an overview of exactly why the SocialSignIn Marketing module is now the most powerful tool on the market, and what this means for your brand.

New Calendar Layout

When managing multiple campaigns it can be confusing to see what content is scheduled for when, but with SocialSignIn’s brand new calendar, you have complete visibility over all of your social channels at a glance. To make it even easier to review, posts are now colour coded by campaign and you are able to see imagery without leaving the screen. These changes have been made to make it easier for busy Marketing Departments to assess gaps in their social activity and monitor their scheduled content on a weekly or monthly basis.

Content Library

The content library is a powerful addition for Marketing Departments as it completely changes how you find and schedule pre-created content. With the ability to bulk upload images and organise into multi-level folders, you can organise your image library how you like, for example by campaigns or by theme. This will create a hub of pre-approved, compliant and branded content that can easily be shared, removing the need for third party tools. This also helps you to share images with your team even if they are geographically dispersed, granting everyone immediate access and not wasting time sharing passwords to other tools or sending them as attachments. This is a valuable feature to organisations who could face strict penalties if their social posts are seen to be leading, such as Financial Services, as it enables the more experienced team members to be responsible for sourcing all of their social imagery and text suggestions.


Sub-campaigns will help you to better segment and analyse your campaigns. By having the ability to create sub-campaigns within one main campaign, you will be able to analyse and track performance more closely than ever before. This would come in particularly helpful if you want to run a large summer campaign with several different topics. By creating sub-campaigns you can analyse each segment individually or/and analyse the results of the campaign as a whole, giving you clear insights into what worked and what didn’t.

Share Images from the Mobile App

Having on-the-go access to your social channels is essential when you are looking to decentralise your activity, especially if you want to grant access to customer-facing employees who might not be stationed in front of a computer – meaning they can maximise every opportunity. Being able to edit and share videos and images direct from your mobile can really revolutionise your approach to localised engagement and provide your followers with real-time updates. This can be especially successful for entertainment, leisure, sport or travel sectors, as they can actively share information in real time.

Multiple Verification

Opening up your social channels to new members was previously fraught with tension and danger, with stories of brand damage and PR disasters commonplace. But with the enhanced validation area on SocialSignIn you can now set up permission restrictions, enabling employees to schedule content ready for approval by a more experienced team member. The ability to bulk verify content can help simplify and streamline this process, making it easier than ever before to harness the power of social media while protecting your brand.ected.

At SocialSignIn we are always looking for ways to improve, our new marketing module was created based upon direct feedback from our partners – these users are on the front line of social media marketing and know precisely how to make their activity more effective and more efficient. If you would like to have a look around our platform please feel free to contact us.

Rhiannon BirchAbout the Writer:
Rhiannon Birch is PR & Marketing Coordinator at SocialSignIn. She is passionate about all aspects of writing and enjoys discussing the real-life stories behind social media. With two young children and three dogs, Rhiannon spends her (very little) spare time exploring new places and watching Star Wars.

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