The Power of a fully customisable Social Media Management Dashboard

As we live in a time where waiting a couple of extra milliseconds for our phone to load feels like an eternity, we have developed a customisable social media management dashboard, to bring everything you need into one place. We have all become accustomed to the information we need being instantly available. This demand for instant results now permeates every corner of our personal and professional lives, whether that’s instant streaming, same day deliveries or apps for booking a taxi. And if we don’t get it, we scream at the computer and invent a workaround.

Having key data that we can immediately act upon at our fingertips is the dream for most marketers and social media professionals – as this arena more than any other demands real-time responses. So we looked at how we could build this same philosophy into a social media management platform, to save our users valuable time, making them more effective and more productive.

The most powerful way we could do this is by giving you a completely customisable dashboard – enabling you to manage everything you need, from one single page. In this blog we’re going to look at what this really means to you in your job, how it can help you, and some practical examples that you can take away and apply straightaway.

Ability to access all Modules on one Page

There’s nothing worse than having to flick back and forth between pages. Well you’ll be glad to know that the days of page-swapping are over! With the latest social media management dashboards you can now decide what you see as soon as you login, enabling you to act immediately on key events. By presetting your dashboard with the features that you use most during your daily routine, you can save valuable previously spent switching pages and put it to better use.

Tip: When creating your dashboard add as many or as few widgets as you need, ensuring that you can quickly and clearly see the sections that are important to you, and aren’t overcome with things you don’t need cluttering up your screen.

Multiple Dashboards

With the ability for every social media user in your organisation to create their own personal dashboard, it means you can precisely specify what you need you see, such as only seeing incoming messages that are assigned to you, or monitoring social media listening streams that you are responsible for.

Tip: Why not create multiple dashboards for multiple activities, you could have dashboards for functions such as Customer Care, Marketing or even Press Monitoring – or you could build separate dashboards for different social media marketing campaigns, tracking different metrics and KPI’s.  

Personalisation and Familiarity

Once you’ve created your perfect dashboard, every time you login you’ll be brought straight back to it, meaning you don’t need to create or reset it every day. This means it isn’t rigid and over time you can easily evolve and adjust your dashboard when campaigns or goals change – whilst remaining in the same familiar layout.

Tip: When implementing a new social media management platform, you can personalise the dashboard so that it looks familiar for each of your users, this will help to support adoption and buy-in in the early days.

Sticky Filters

If you start every day logging into your social media management platform, going into the inbox and then filtering through to find the messages that are assigned to you – you’ll be glad to know that this is now a thing of the past. Selecting from a wide variety of “Sticky Filters” allows you to view customised information, saving you time and giving you a clear view of what you need to tackle.

Tip: Why not set-up filters to show you messages with a negative sentiment, messages with a specific tag or unactioned messages – allowing you to jump straight on to messages that need a response at the start of each day or shift.  

By giving you the tools to customise your social media management dashboard and pull all key data relevant to your job role onto one screen, we are welcoming the new age of one-page-working. So whether it’s creating multiple dashboards for multiple users all with different purposes, personalising your dashboard to make it familiar and easy to navigate, or applying sticky filters to bring specific information to the fore in your widgets. The ability to create a bespoke dashboard visible from the moment you login and manage your social accounts is going to be easier than ever and revolutionise your daily routine.

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