28th of September 2016

Transport staff get Social with Mobile updates on-the-go

Transport staff get Social with Mobile updates on-the-go

With over 75 million journeys a year, it was essential WMCA found a way to communicate important messages quickly. Granting mobile access to customer-facing members of their team was the perfect opportunity for them to share informed messages on a localised level. Remaining secure and protected from a social crisis was also high on the agenda when selecting their preferred social app.


“We wanted to allow some of our public-facing employees to get involved in our social activity so that our social following can see a real-time feed of updates that may concern them, whether it’s regarding delays or changes to routes. The SocialSignIn app is so simple to understand that all of our bus station managers are now using it and it’s made a real difference to how we notify our followers of delays”, said Peter Sharples, Web & Social Media Specialist at WMCA.


Rapidly-growing Birmingham-based specialists, SocialSignIn, is the organisation providing WMCA with the platform to manage their complete social customer care from within one simple and scalable solution.


Due to its success, WMCA has now integrated SocialSignIn within eight different departments, including Customer Service, Marketing and Ticketing. Bus Station Managers are now actively monitoring and responding to customer messages through the SocialSignIn App.


“Our main concern when we considered allowing public-facing team members to access our social channels was the potential for compromised security – we use SocialSignIn’s permissions settings to lock this down where necessary and retain a full audit trail. However, it’s the mobile app that really allows our customer-facing staff to be quick on their feet when delivery important and timely information. It’s enabled us to bring localised social customer service to life”, said Peter.


Ben Nimmo, SocialSignIn Founder and CTO said; “We wanted to remove the restrictions that organisations struggle with when using social media in the public domain. We know that customers don’t stop sending incoming messages because you are away from your desk. With our mobile app, our partners have the same functionality as on our desktop version while they are on the move – but with the organisation monitoring and managing this from a central level.”

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