7th of July 2016

West Midlands Combined Authority's Transport team re-designed their Social Customer Service

Transport team re-design Customer Care with real-time responses

With a rapidly expanding user base and social following, the race was on to find a new and effective model for Customer Care. WMCA wanted to find a future-proofed solution for communicating and engaging with their passengers using popular social media channels – enabling them to drive customer numbers whilst building strong personal relationships.


Using fast-growing Birmingham-based social media management platform, SocialSignIn, WMCA is now able to control all of their social activity from within one central solution. WMCA is now responding to incoming messages within an average of 4 minutes, providing their passengers with almost immediate responses and a much more cost-effective model than traditional customer service.


SocialSignIn gives us the tools to successfully manage the high quantity of messages that we receive. With their solution we can easily filter through the inbox using various metrics such as time, date, sentiment or keywords – helping us to find the passengers that require an immediate response so that we can help them in real-time.” Said Peter Sharples, Web & Social Media Specialist at WMCA.


The Swift card was created to revolutionise how passengers pay for buses, trains and trips on the Midland Metro, giving them the ability to use prepaid cards to save time during their commute. Social customer care has now given passengers an easy way to ask questions about paying for their Swift card, routes of travel and timetables, and also to report any faults that they see on the network. With SocialSignIn, WMCA now route all social messages direct to the correct department, ensuring a fast and effective response – with all activity recorded for a complete audit trail.


Ben Nimmo, SocialSignIn Founder and CTO said; “When dealing with a large amount of incoming messages customer care can be daunting, especially when they all need responding to by different teams. That’s why we designed our SocialSignIn inbox to simplify this, making it easy to detect messages that need actioning. We now help many large organisations like WMCA deliver effective social customer care, while helping the Marketing teams build brands and drive new business.”


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