WMCA Success Story

West Midlands Combined Authority, the award winning public body responsible for public transport services throughout the West Midlands, manage over 75 million journeys every year. WMCA wanted to give their customer-facing employees a social media presence – managing inbound messages in a timely and human way, while growing their new travel card.

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Boost their Social Presence

WMCA needed to improve how they communicated with their social followers, building relationships and boosting their marketing efforts for their new travel card. They wanted to find a method that would enable them to engage at a more localised level, offering a quicker and simpler way for their passengers to contact them with queries and feedback. The discovered that to do this they would need to decentralise their social accounts, enabling individual bus depots to respond to incoming communications themselves, providing a responsive and effective resolution to the queries.They needed to find a single solution with the ability to manage both their social customer care and social marketing, one that was comfortable handling the high volume of incoming messages they receive.

West Midlands Combined Authority
West Midlands Combined Authority
The Search for a Solution

Peter Sharples, Web & Social Media Specialist at WMCA came across Birmingham-based provider, SocialSignIn. He said “We needed to implement a system that would that allow us to build an engaged following, whilst adhering to strict compliance and auditable regulations. Our social following used social media as a customer service channel and we needed the tools to manage a large amount in incoming messages.” With a rapidly growing social following, the race was on to find a new and effective model for Customer Care and Marketing. WMCA wanted to find a future-proofed solution that enabled them to meet, delight and service their passengers using popular social media channels – enabling them to drive customer numbers whilst building strong personal relationships.

Enable their Team to be Better Prepared

With a detailed list of requirements including a mobile app for on-the-go customer interactions, tight security features and fast publishing, SocialSignIn was the only supplier that could do everything. Now, with SocialSignIn, WMCA can easily see at a glance which inbound messages have been actioned, by whom, and when. WMCA wanted to be able to respond to incoming messages in a more personal manner. Now with SocialSignIn’s social CRM, they can see detailed user profiles, with a complete log of past interactions, social influencer scores and message sentiment, all within the platform. Their Communications team also have the ability to add internal notes and tags to allow other users to see the progress of a query, record important details such as addresses or contact numbers, or to make it easier to detect multiple messages referring to one issue.

West Midlands Combined Authority
West Midlands Combined Authority
Record-breaking Results

Since partnering with SocialSignIn, WMCA has been able to plan more compelling marketing campaigns, triggering a dramatic spike in their engagement levels. With the ability to now decentralise social locally, combined with SocialSignIn’s sophisticated customer care features and unified inbox, WMCA has been able to increase their passengers numbers and satisfaction. WMCA has been able to join the social conversation confident that their brand will be protected from employee error and social crisis, despite empowering a wider user-base. “Security was always a concern when we looked at implementing local social customer care, but by using SocialSignIn it’s no longer a worry”, said Peter Sharples, Social Media Coordinator at WMCA. Decentralising has helped them to improve their social strategies by improving their relationships with their passengers and using detailed analytics to increase their socially driven traffic.

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