What does Public Sector social media success look like? Part 2

In recent years, public sector social media has changed. Local authorities no longer just retweet selfies and memes from community events, instead, they have started to use new media channels to build meaningful relationships with their residents, deliver services efficiently and drive down the cost of interactions.

The focus of today’s communications is not simply on pushing messages out or growing followers, rather on creating experiences. While the phrase “customer journey” may seem like another buzzword, understanding and improving the customer’s interactions with an organisation across all channels and touchpoints is the cornerstone of success in the digital age.

In Part 1 of our “What does Public Sector Social Media Public Sector social media success look like?” blog series, we explored some key ways to maximise and improve your public sector organisation’s social presence to enhance your social customer service, communications and public relations by monitoring customer trends, identifying the best social channels for your organisation and the importance of using a secure social media management platform.

In Part 2 we’re going to look at the value of real human interactions, how to create positive engaging social community.

Provide authentic, human and informed interactions

Public Sector Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of all public sector omni-channel strategies. Many government organisations miss the point of it though – that is, being social. To create beautiful digital channels that your users will embrace and utilise being human on social media is vital.

It’s a tough decision to make when your first set-up your social media accounts. Should you draw up a list of guidelines? Do’s, don’ts and a set of pre-approved images perhaps? Or do you opt for being human on social media, actually allowing yourselves to be natural, funny and spontaneous? Be brave, be bold and be real, it’s the only way to build meaningful and memorable experiences that will get customer satisfaction levels soaring.

Create positive customer experiences

Embracing digital communication can be a challenge, people like to receive personal responses, and it can sometimes be difficult to create that human touch using new technology. But with the right tools and training you can grant access to multiple users and departments, bringing your organisation to life online – and doing so securely.

Recent studies have shown that the cost per contact of traditional channels can be as high as £14. In contrast, contacts on digital channels can be as low as £0.08. But it’s not just a monetary incentive, the simple fact is that without easy to use, accessible and ‘customer first’ channels you will find that resident engagement will be non-existent, with your audience reverting back to traditional and costly methods of contact.

Fast and informed responses


Social channels can be the perfect opportunity for your organisation to resolve and respond to queries and issues quicker than traditional methods. To do this successfully it’s essential to decentralise your social operation and have the right processes in place to ensure that messages are responded to securely and by the best possible people. The latest social media management platforms feature tools to help teams provide informed responses by integrating with their CRM systems, giving users an insight into a residents previous interactions and notes to help provide a personalised response.

Social media has been turned into a customer service platform by the customers, organisations have found themselves needing to implement systems to meet their growing expectations. Organisations, both public and private, have discovered the opportunities presented by harnessing social customer service successfully, with benefits including improved relationships with residents, financial savings and smoother query resolution.

Discover how we helped the West Midlands Combined Authority create approachable and personable social channels and gave them the tools to maximise their social customer service, marketing and public relations.

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