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The successful integration and high adoption rate of SocialSignIn within City of Wolverhampton Council has helped them to achieve the shift from traditional methods towards cheaper and more measurable digital service channels.


  • SocialSignIn’s unified inbox has helped City of Wolverhampton Council to increase their response time.
  • City of Wolverhampton Council have been able to effectively manage a significant increase in the usage of social media by their residents.
  • SocialSignIn has saved the council a significant expense by reducing the need for face-to-face meetings and telephone service requests.

Social Needs

Channel Shifting

Public sector organisations, like City of Wolverhampton Council are moving services online to save millions of pounds each year. This strategic approach is commonly known as ‘Channel Shifting’. A channel shifting strategy can not only reduce costs, but can also improve the overall service for residents. For this strategy to be effective Councils need to actively engage with the public, identify potential problems in the community and respond efficiently to all queries and complaints.

Audit trails

Passwords were freely shared and there was no visible audit trail of activity within the Council, leading to compromised social accounts. There is a need for the Council to have a secure platform that encompasses a fully visible audit trail, approval process and comprehensive user and team permissions.

Implement a future-proofed platform

City of Wolverhampton Council were looking for a solution that would oversee all of their social media channels; enabling them to publish, engage, monitor and report; allowing the Council to confidently meet their current and future needs.

Monitoring features

One of the attractive features that drew City of Wolverhampton Council into choosing SocialSignIn was the monitoring tools. Through monitoring specific search queries in a geographical area, they are now able to view and engage with users talking indirectly about the Council. The communications team are also are able to supply the residents with relevant advice and information, such as weather alerts, bin collection times and Council-run events.

What City of Wolverhampton Council said…

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